Alien Ant Farm 'Everything She Wants' throwback

As a band that became a household name around the globe covering the late Michael Jackson's smash hit 'Smooth Criminal', it perhaps comes as no surprise that Alien Ant Farm have managed to produce yet another fantastic cover.

This time they've earned their own exclamation mark covering Wham!'s 1984 classic, 'Everything She Wants'. A cover that even Deadpool would congratulate with a crisp high-five... at maximum effort!

While the World is trapped in the uncertainty of lockdowns and pandemics, one thing is for certain... They're baaaaaaaccckkk! Dryden and the gang have been away for what seems like an eternity and have certain writers questioning their own age and fading youth... Despite this eternal passage of time, AAF display no signs of ageing, but clear evidence of their maturity and natural chemistry coming from years of performing together.

When discussing the decision to release another cover song, lead vocalist, Dryden Mitchell stated:

"The thought of doing another cover song was in the back of our minds. With Wham!'s ‘Everything She Wants’, the band chose to pick an iconic person to pay homage to. I think a bit of thought should come with picking a cover: It's gonna become your song, and in a sense, your brand if you do it right. Not to mention you're gonna be playing and hearing it a lot."

This deep, logical thought process is a theme consistent with recent AAF developments, with the band producing their personal brand of craft ale, signing a new record deal, AND obtaining new management all within recent months.

The video is incredible and made even better thanks to the inclusion of... Well, ME! I can retire a happy man, I've made it!

With hints of a future tour, a new album in the works, and a brand new cover song released, it's safe to say the boys are back in town! Listen to 'Everything She Wants below'!

'Everything She Wants' is available now via MegaForce Records.

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