Aside From That releases 'The Heart Of Dreams'

The new dude on the block, Phil Walker, has arrived under the alias of Aside From That.

The latest solo metalcore act hails from Northamptonshire and gets real with his new single 'The Heart Of Dreams'.

This particular track deals with the subject of the feeling of being betrayed by someone you once had a strong relationship with. The song is ironically called 'The Heart Of Dreams', as sometimes the heart can make life feel like an absolute nightmare when it comes to love lost.

"The feelings we shared
Will always haunt me"

Music is always an emotive outlet and I, like so many others will, relate to this song when dealing with a sense of loss and betrayal. I like songs like this as it makes me find some comfort after a relationship break up.

When questioned about the song, Phil revealed the meaning behind the song:

“The songs about the feeling that you can keep someone, but by the end of it you realise you just are better off without them!"

In typical metalcore fashion, the message of the song is delivered with backing by headbanging breakdowns that'll turn your brain soggy! I'm always on the lookout for new bands that I can connect with and I, like other metalheads, will find 'The Heart Of Dreams' a good solid song to mosh to and relate to.

You can listen to 'The Heart Of Dreams' below!

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