Asleep At The Helm are anything but 'Outsiders'

Up and coming metalcore band, Asleep At The Helm drop their first bit of music since 2018, and if you’re after a song with a strong message, then 'Outsiders' is one for you!

Listening to 'Outsiders' by Asleep At The Helm just catches me off guard so much because it has everything that I could ever need in modern-day metalcore. The clean choruses and punchy riffs really remind me of Hollow Front and what a tour these two together would be, with each act able to compliment each other perfectly.

You’ve got a perfect melody between the clean and screams, which really sets this song above most metalcore acts that you see nowadays. The intro build up in this song doesn’t prepare you for what’s about to come within the rest o the song, and special mention has to go to the 3 vocalist hits in the songs that provides a powerful vocal combination.

I specifically want to mention the strong message about drug use featured in the song. Something that is very close to my heart after losing a few friends to this in the past.

'Outsiders' really makes you feel connected to this song and the subject matter more than you ever thought you could be. Kudos to the guys for tackling such a strong subject.

Check out 'Outsiders' below!

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