August Burns Red shine while 'Standing In The Storm'

Following on from their successful cover of System Of A Down’s ‘Chop Suey’, audacious melodic metalcore band August Burns Red have returned with aplomb with their latest single ‘Standing In The Storm’.

Standing In The Storm’ deals with the popular subject of fighting for what you want in life, even if you have to deal with setbacks along the way.

"Damaged is not destroyed
I want you but you want out"

The lyrics throughout the track continue to inspire the listener and will readily convince you to never give up, all brilliantly backed up with their stereotypical sound of hard-hitting strings that are ready to snap and drum skins, ready to collapse.

"It has to rain to see a painted sky"

There is also a focus upon mental health, as I couldn't help but notice the highly recognised words.

"It's OK, to not be OK"

I have had my own mental health issues in the past, and while listening to the heavy growls of the lyrics throughout sounds true. With what I and many others have gone through in their lives, many will relate and latch on, as I have, finding sanctuary within this song and hopefully will continue to uplift folk throughout their darkest hour.

It's songs like this that are the reason why I love music so much, especially the rock and metal genre, as it commonly deals with the harshness of life. I can connect wholeheartedly to the lyrics, as they resonate through me to keep me striving in day to day life.

'Standing In The Storm' is available now via Fearless Records. Be sure to check out it out below!

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