Babble Pitch is feeling 'Reckless', are you?

Babble Pitch's latest tropical house inspired track, 'Reckless', doesn't come with complimentary ice cream, but it should!

Upon listening to 'Reckless' I instantly feel energised, longing for the lockdown free summers we have all come to miss so much. The timing of this release is, without question, unfortunate. I'm quite disappointed that the current pandemic prevents it from being heard in the social gatherings that the song would thrive within.

It has all the makings of a summer sizzler, the perfect blistering banger for any BBQ or beach party. That said, it would also make a pretty kick-ass gaming soundtrack. I find myself listening to it quite often while playing FIFA if I'm honest!

Intrigued to find out how the song came to be, I reached out to Babble Pitch, who was happy to discuss his creative process with me:

"This song started when I sent a melody to my other collaborator 14Double84 to add something over it, and he did a fabulous job with it! I started working on it, and you could definitely hear inspiration from Kygo, and that's how we made the track!"

The self-confessed Kygo fan also acknowledged the other artists that have influenced his journey into music production:

"I began with remaking a lot of old songs from Ahrix and Avicii. That's when it all began. I've admired Avicii, Kygo and, Daft Punk since I started making music so, that's something that inspired me in starting production, and well yeah, now here I am. Not successful, but yeah, trying my best!"

Credit should also be given to 4684 as the video and artwork created for the project are absolutely insane!

'Reckless' is a song guaranteed to brighten up your day and to remove those lockdown blues! Give it a listen by clicking that play button below! For those of you who wish to find out even more about the creative process behind the song, we've included Babble Pitch's explainer video below too!

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