Butterjunk release debut EP 'Normalised'

Newcastle based dreamwave dream chasers Butterjunk wake us up from the nightmare of 2020 with their new EP 'Normalised'.

Inviting us aboard the Butterjunk mothership, the terrific trio's enticing EP begins with the alluring 'Little Alien'. The dramatic guitar introduction is simply mesmerising, setting the perfect mood to introduce the calming vocals of Butterjunk vocalist Ben Ayres.

Fitting with the aptly named Dreamwave genre, 'Little Alien' is incredibly soothing, acting as the perfect lullaby to send you off to dream(wave)land. The piercing guitars act as a slight contrast drawing the listener in and perfectly bracing them for the second track on the EP.

The following track, 'In A Motion', features twangy guitars and the same elegant vocals expected from the naturally talented Mr. Ayres. These stripped back natural vocals give the song added dimensions. Fitting perfectly with the lyrics uttered, listening to this song makes me feel like I am half-asleep but in a positive way.

"I wake up so tired, so weary from last night's dream."

Listening to this reminds me of that incredible feeling you get when you wake up before your alarm on a weekday or when you wake up early on a Sunday morning and get to return to dreams of picturesque landscapes and the wind in your hair.

The instrumental that continues for the remainder of the song is simply fantastic. The ending of 'In A Motion' can be defined in a number of words. Dramatic. Enticing. Submerging. Perfect.

'Melter' the third track on the EP, is almost angelic in some senses. Flickering back and forth between heavier elements and slow, calming moments, Ben's reminiscing on the past in musical form is poetic.

The final song on the EP, 'Woodside', completes 'Normalised' wonderfully. Slow and intimate, it's almost as if the romanticised last dance has been practically personified in musical form. Where were Butterjunk when I was a young lad at the school disco?

Vocalist Ben recently explained the process behind the creation of this EP:

“We were happy in the studio to really let these songs loose, especially in instrumental parts where our love for noise and gaze really shines through. We love the idea of songs building up, and developing stories through sounds and dynamics; we think these songs encompass everything we are about as a band. Inspiration came from bands like King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, for example, they don’t tempo-track during recording, and let songs naturally build - this played a huge roll in our recording style, where some of the songs are really allowed to take off (‘Little Alien’ and ‘In a Motion’) but are also, in contrast, tamed by the likes of ’Woodside’. The range of tempos gives the songs a flow which was perfect for this EP”.
“We wanted to put a stamp on the sound that we have been developing over the last 2 years by bringing out an EP which, we feel, really embodies our songwriting and style. The songs were all written during the same period and explore the seasons thematically. Further inspiration came from personal life experiences, which results in a variety of moods throughout the EP and should evoke different feelings for the listener throughout – in a Spike Lee type of way, but with music rather than film. The reverb-laden and chorus-rich tones we are known for have been expanded and experimented with further; especially regarding synths, which has helped us to build a great dreamy sound interwoven with gritty tones and powerful vocals”.

A creative and captivating production, 'Normalised' is an EP everyone should check out at least once. I'll be checking it out at least once a day for the foreseeable future. Well done, lads!

'Normalised' is available everywhere now! Give it a listen below!

EarBuds Track of the Record: 'In A Motion'

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