Chapel reminisce about their 'First Love'

The dynamic duo from Atlanta are back with their new single 'First Love' and with news of their upcoming 'Room Service' EP.

'First Love' is another Chapel song that brilliantly showcases the stereotypical brilliance they have become known for in their previous releases.

Following on from the recent release of 'Pillow Talk', this single has less of an upbeat vibe but still has that element of joy that only Chapel knows how to intertwine with nearly every subject they sing about.

Although the song itself focuses on reminiscing about the one that got away, the way that Carter (Vocals/Guitars/Keyboard) and Kortney (Drums) have performed, produced, and engineered this song just makes the memories rose-tinted.

The presence of the trademark guitar and synth sounds partnered with Carter's vocals expertly make an anthem for the happily broken-hearted.

The lyrics are as infectious as ever, catching the listener off guard and remaining embedded in their thoughts. The opening lyric is one that stands out to me as it really sells the image of being sat thinking about a childhood sweetheart years after parting ways.

"You've got kids and I go to bed by nine, smoke and drink some wine."

Discussing 'First Love' in their own words, Chapel stated the following:

"Sometimes in the back of your head you hope you and your first love work out. If not at the beginning maybe later in the future. Most of the time the reality is it doesn’t ever work out and although it doesn’t you both will always share this weird bond together. This song explores that pain and acceptance."

'First Love' is out everywhere now and 'Room Service' is due out 23rd April via Rise Records. Check out the 'First Love' video created by Chapel below!

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