Devil Sold His Soul unleash 'The Narcissist'

Panic attacks. Watching through the gaps in your fingers while your hands are covering your face. Gripping whoever is nearest to you out of sheer fear alone. Those are the actions invoked whenever you watch any of your favourite stab fest horror movies. Who can forget the violin sounds in THAT shower scene in Psycho?

For the entire first minute of 'The Narcissist', the latest offering from ambient metalcore band Devil Sold His Soul ahead of the release of their next record entitled ‘Loss’, those are the memories that will be thrown back to the forefront of your mind. Leaping from that straight into what sounds like Devil Sold His Soul of old, what follows is a straight-up treasure trove of thick riffs, driving drums, and screamed vocals that will transport you back to when you gave zero fucks about violently throwing yourself into random strangers and doing windmills with your arms in the middle of a sea of people at shows (remember shows? They were good weren’t they).

The track is a punch in the gut. It has an aggression and an almost underlying violence that has been much missing from a vastly dwindling metalcore scene, with only a handful of bands still able to consistently put out records that give you some semblance of hope that the genre still has the ability to be at the forefront of modern metal.

Regarding a track written about the vitriol and hateful aspects of the society we find ourselves living in today, vocalist Paul Green said;

The Narcissist’ is our heaviest track on the new record. It was written about the negative and disruptive people we have in our lives from time to time. It’s a middle finger to their unapologetic attitude and their inability to grasp reason or logic. It seems the world has spawned a lot of these types of people lately and this one’s for them.
We started capturing elements for this track 3 years ago during our shows in Japan. Jonny, our guitarist/producer, recorded the dissonant warning bells from the train station in Tateishi where we were staying. It’s a really cool memory from our time out there and to have it on the track just adds something special for us, it takes us back to that time and place every listen.”

Taken from ‘Loss’, the follow up to 2012’s ‘Empire Of Light’ and thus their first album in nine years and first release since 2014, Paul also had this to say about the video;

We worked with the super talented Olli Appleyard on the music video for this track. Oli has an incredible imagination and some techniques and style that are completely unique to him, which we love. The main focus was to make the video aggressive, schizophrenic and imposing. ‘Loss’ is a diverse record with many facets, each of the singles we’ve chosen showcases another side of the album’s sound. We hope those who are craving something on the heavier side find satisfaction in this track, there’s something for everyone on this record and we’re excited for you all to hear it.”

'Loss' by Devil Sold His Soul will be available via Nuclear Blast Records (their debut release on the label) on April 9th.

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