Dpart has us 'Falling Forever'

Dpart returns with another thought-provoking banger in the form of 'Falling Forever'.

A far cry from the recent 'Declan Rice' release, 'Falling Forever' is a heartfelt reflection on Dpart's life and the world around him.

Upon hearing the song, listeners will find themselves mesmerised by the lyrics and how they are delivered as the emotional topics discussed will connect with many on deeper levels.

For myself, the entire song is relatable. The discussion of mental health, the curse of our parents or lack of, and the issues in the music scene and everyday life, are all discussions that should be had but sometimes the words have to be sung or rapped for them to be heard.

The lyrics that pull at my heartstrings and repeatedly catch me off guard the most, no matter how many times I listen to the song, are the ones focused around Dpart's father and two kids fighting.

"In my room, it feels like the walls are closing in, Look in the mirror see my Dad, pretend that I don't notice him,
And even though we got similar traits, I know that leaving my family would be my biggest mistake,
The place that I been, you best believe it's the bottom, But I stick round to teach my children all the things that I wasn't."

"It's like two kids fighting, You're surprised that he knifed him,
When the scene glorifies music that is maybe about violence,
You say it's cool cause they censor it, But look at all the music out that doesn't need censoring."

I hear these lyrics and not only do I feel a connection to the song, but I begin to question a lot of things in life. Not just the world around me, but the bigger picture of society's future. I find myself questioning the events on the news, the statistics we read, and why other artists avoid touching on these sensitive topics.

Dpart is an artist that obviously has empathy for the world around him and wants to make a difference rather than attempting to distract listeners with fast cars and half-naked women.

This isn't an artist using the discussion of mental health struggles and social issues as a gimmick, this is an artist that has taken the time to develop a deeper understanding of these topics and is willing to wear his heart on his sleeve when rapping about them.

When questioned about 'Falling Forever' Dpart replied bluntly and honestly stating:

"Even though this style of music isn't popular, I won't change my style because I know people need it"

Fair fucks, lad. I cannot put enough praise on this man's name. Check out 'Falling Forever' below now.

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