Dpart kicks off 2021 with his latest release 'Declan Rice'

Paying homage to Declan Rice and starting 2021 with an absolute banger, London-based rapper Dpart is on the ball with his latest release 'Declan Rice'.

Referencing many footballing terms, including West Ham's struggles in the Premier League last season, Dpart expertly showcases his talents while using football-focused analogies to reference his progression through life.

Premiered on Soccer AM, 'Declan Rice' is a song that is already being recognised by music fans and industry peers alike. Upon hearing the song, I stopped what I was doing, dropped my bacon sandwich, and ran to my computer to start writing about the filth I heard blaring through the television.

The opening lyrics set the tone for the song perfectly.

"Like last year we nearly went down so respect the rise, grab my ball and I run with it like I'm Declan Rice. It was broke, now I'm just trying to mend my mind, writing lines, yeah I'm living that detention life."

Upon hearing this introduction and chorus, I became hooked instantly. Dpart has effortlessly curled one top bins with this belter of a Hammers anthem.

As a music blogger, I have an interest in most songs, but this is one of a few songs that has genuinely had me that excited that I've had to drop everything so I can tell everyone about it. So, it's with great pleasure that it's the first song to be reviewed since the EarBuds.Blog relaunch.

If this is the way Dpart is starting 2021, then I can't wait to see where the rest of the year takes him. West Ham better send some praise and a shit ton of merchandise his way! I mean, I'm a Man City fan, and I think this is my anthem of the year...

Listen to 'Declan Rice' below, but be sure to play it LOUD!

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