Dpart: "We can keep making history and reaching landmarks!"

Following the incredible success of his recent release 'Declan Rice', we were lucky enough to discuss music, inspirations, and lockdowns with London-based rapper Dpart.

Hi Dpart, thank you for taking the time to sit down and answer some questions with EarBuds.Blog. Let's dive straight in like a two-footed tackle, ey? For those who are unfamiliar with Dpart and your style of music and lyricism, how would you define yourself? What separates you from the other artists of your genre?

"I think I would describe my sound as cathartic in that I am expressive with my emotions to provide myself and the listener some psychological relief."

You recently unveiled an absolute banger in the form of your latest single 'Declan Rice'. How did that come to fruition? Have you always wanted to do a West Ham or football-focused track??

"To be honest, I was just watching a match one evening and just blurted out the bar "Grab the ball and I run with it like I'm Declan Rice" and just knew immediately it had to be a song. I'm glad I got to infuse two of my biggest passions, the Hammers and music."

The track itself premiered on Soccer AM, an incredible achievement in itself. How did that come about?

"To be honest I wish it was more interesting but someone on my Facebook commented on a status saying you should try get this on SoccerAM when I shared a preview. I messaged John Fendley, the host, and it just happened really quickly from there."

The man himself, Declan Rice, was bound to pick up on the track eventually. That must have been a surreal moment, receiving praise from the man you're paying homage to. What was it like being contacted by your team's captain?

"I mean I always hoped there was a chance he would but still had my doubts. When he did get in touch I was over the moon because as well as the song getting recognition this was still a massive West Ham fan getting the chance to speak to his team's captain, which made the child in my head very happy!"

Do you have plans to write any more songs about any other footballers? Can we expect a release to rival 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' anytime soon?

"To be honest probably not... I don't wanna be pigeonholed as a gimmick based rapper because the subject matter and message I'm really trying to spread is too important for me, but who knows if the right idea popped up I wouldn't be against it."

Any chance you can prepare a Man City one for me?

"Absolutely not!"

From listening to the track, it's obvious you take inspiration from a wide array of sources. Who has been the biggest influence on your music career? Who's on the top of your list to collaborate with?

"I listen to a lot of deep artists, Mic Righteous is a big one and someone from who listening to so much from so young has defo influenced my sound. NF is also incredible."

Your previous album release 'Deep Art' was well received by fans and ending up charting. A brilliant body of work with themes surrounding mental health, did you expect the reception it received?

"Absolutely not. In an industry consumed by drill music about sex, drugs, and money at the moment I'm extremely aware that my stuff isn't in with the kids shall we say. So to get an album to #39 in the UK download chart was an amazing feeling, and it's good to know no matter what happens I will always have that accolade to show for over a decades worth of grinding."

I'd also like to take the time to praise you for choosing to donate half of the pre-order proceeds to Young Minds. I've got a lot of time for that. With the country still in a state of lockdowns, tears, and tiers, do you have any words of wisdom you can provide to those who have been struggling in these unprecedented times?

"Try and stay creative and not get bogged down by the scaremongering in the media. Normality will resume but in the meantime, take up a hobby or creative outlet and just try and stay productive."

The current scenario has made things difficult for many industries, music being one which has taken quite a hit. How are you managing to stay creative while trapped in the house?

"I'm quite fortunate to have a recording setup at home. 'Declan Rice' and the whole album come from the confines of my living room so staying creative hasn't been too hard for me."

Finally, what can we expect to see from Dpart in 2021?

"I'm just going to keep showing people that there is not a more motivated, hard-working, and truly meaningful rapper in the meantime and just gain as many supporters as possible until the day it becomes popular to support me. I will say I've had a massive January which is a good start to the year and I'm feeling optimistic we can keep making history and reaching landmarks!"

There you have it! Absolute tekkers from the main man himself! If you enjoyed Dpart's recent release, be sure to check out his new SBTV 'Warm Up Session' below!

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