Dust impresses with his new EP 'Bravado'

Dust shows a boldness that many would be too self-conscious to display with his delightfully unique 'Bravado' EP.

Rising to fame in the 90s as the drummer for math rock pioneers, Breadwinner, Dust, otherwise known as Chris Farmer, has transcended his role as a drummer and has been creating beats and instrumentals.

Taking a break for a while, Dust returned to beat creation last summer, working on various projects before releasing his latest electronica filled EP.

One of the things that instantly stood out to me when listening to the 'Bravado' EP for the first time was how obvious it was that Dust had focused on creating his own sound. This is something that can only be achieved by remaining true to one's natural interpretation of what music is.

If Disney made a modern-day or post-apocalyptic fantasia, this would perhaps be the perfect soundtrack. When listening to 'Marauder', I can quite easily imagine Mickey chasing those pesky broomsticks once more. This is a testament to the music created by Dust.

Many may read the Fantasia reference and see it as something absurd, but this is the power of great music. To possess the ability to transport someone to a place where they can perfectly imagine a scene or place when listening to a track is no easy feat by any means, yet here I am, listening to something new but relating it to my love of that particular Disney classic.

Reflecting on the EP as a whole, it could easily act as the soundtrack to a wide variety of films. Personally, I think that it would be a good fit for the matrix or a sci-fi epic of that nature. This is no doubt due to the way that each song provides a burst of energy while remaining subtle in many ways.

'Bravado' is a fitting name for the EP as it is bold, beautiful, and bloody brilliant! Check it out below!

EarBuds Track of the Record: 'Marauder'

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