Frank Iero And The Future Violents release 'Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place' EP

Since the break up and reformation of My Chemical Romance, Emo Prince Frank Iero has kept himself busy, going from strength to strength.

His solo efforts have taken various forms over the years, with the first solo album released under frnkiero andthe cellabration and his latest EP, set to keep our ears busy in 2021, under the new guise of Frank Iero and the Future Violents.

'Heaven is a Place, This is a Place' is set to be unleashed on 15 January via UNFD, consisting of three new tracks and a cover of the R.E.M classic 'Losing my Religion'.

'Violence', the first track on the EP, is as vicious as you would expect the song to be if you are going by the title. It is rather violent but in a chemically beautiful way! With contrasting lyrics such as:

"Your Violence feels like kisses to me."

Your ears will bleed uncontrollably during song number two 'Sewerwolf', but in a good way! The song is a demonic grunge fest, and that is by no means a disaster! Even through the meatiest of riffs and licks, you can hear Iero screaming for dear life as he tells a tale poetically sticking it to oppressors.

A reimagined classic by R.E.M is the next song on the crazy cycle. A little song called 'Losing my Religion' gives the listener a chance to find their bearings, and catch their breath. It's in a minimalist acoustic direction, but it's all it needs. After all the madness it's time to unwind and chill!

Back in 2016, Iero and his brother in law, Evan Neston, were involved in a brutal motor accident and were both lucky to make it out alive. From then on, R.E.M's 'Losing my Religion' did the rounds, and Iero latched onto it along with his fellow band members, particularly Kayleigh Goldsworthy, with whom he shares a mutual love for the band and that particular track. Iero has claimed that:

“From the first show I was completely impressed with her musicianship and by touring together I realised she was also a rad human being who I desperately wanted to write and play music with. In my mind she was already in my next band, I just had to write the music, name the band, find the other musicians, oh and of course ask her.
But during that first tour together we got to talking about how she played the mandolin and how we shared a love for R.E.M., and more specifically ‘Losing my Religion’. So, on the last night of tour in San Francisco, we found an empty room/hallway/stairwell type place and made an iPhone voice memo demo of the song. It felt like magic and that was the moment I was convinced this couldn’t be the only thing we did together.”

The final track, the rather conveniently named ‘Record Ender’, acts as famous last words to this diamond in the rough EP, which can only be described as a God's honest emo ballad.

It stings the heartstrings and burns the eyes with pulsating chords and intense lyrical content:

"I wanna tell you what I never could
I wanna tell you what I never could
Just call out my name, because I swear you mean the whole world to me"

'Heaven is a Place, This is a Place' truly is a gem of an EP, as it takes you on a real emotional journey, offering a lot that the listener can relate to. My pick of the bunch has to be the last track, ‘Record Ender’, as I am a sucker for a good old ballad! Check it out below!

EarBuds Track of the Record: 'Record Ender'

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