Greysha's 'Aspirin' is the perfect painkiller

Beautiful, elegant, and expertly delivered, Greysha's latest single, 'Aspirin', provides soothing relief from the headache of daily life.

It is astounding that as an emerging artist Greysha has such an incredibly well developed unique sound and voice. While Greysha's music is completely different from Ed Sheeran's, I find myself feeling the same feeling I felt listening to Ed before the glitz and glamour of mainstream coverage propelled him into superstardom.

I say that in the sense that as much as I know and accept that Greysha will be a star, a part of me selfishly wants to keep her our little secret for a while longer, to truly appreciate the natural raw talent I have been lucky enough to hear.

After going on to listen to her other songs such as her incredible cover of Yonaka's 'Creature' and her previous release 'Life Goes Fluently' it became blatantly apparent to me that Greysha is not an artist that could just disappear overnight. This is a young woman with an incredible talent capable of taking her music as far as she wants it to go.

'Aspirin' is a wonderful creation, that perfectly highlights the brilliantly mesmerising vocals of Greysha amazingly. I find myself completely astounded by how perfect this song truly is, from the production through to the delivery, this is some top tier stuff!

Speaking about the song recently, Greysha revealed the following:

"I wrote 'Aspirin' about the expectations of what lovers/people think I am or want me to be: pretty, submissive, theirs and theirs only. This song is about not being owned by anyone, exploring the fact that when people act like they can behave how they want and expect me to be there waiting, I won’t be. ‘Aspirin’ is a gospel of reclaiming my power. I want my listeners to feel empowered and reach out to that inner dark beauty when they listen to 'Aspirin'."

An addictive song that is guaranteed to turn those who hear it into life long fans, 'Aspirin' is a song that will still be in your head next week, next month, and next year! An "Electronica masterpiece!"

Check it out below!

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