Hollow Front release 'Loose Threads (Reimagined)

Michigan metalcore magicians Hollow Front are back with an incredible reimagining of their 2020 hit 'Loose Threads'.

A softer and more emotional version of the multi-million streamed original, 'Loose Threads (Reimagined)' is a song certain to pull at the heartstrings of anyone that has suffered from their mental health issues or has had to watch someone else battle with theirs.

When reviewing songs, I often listen to them on repeat throughout the day, making sure my opinion of them isn't clouded by the impression given on the first listen, something that has many writers misinterpreting songs that should receive greater recognition.

Upon listening to this song the first time, I felt an instant connection, relating to the various lines that stood out to me. After multiple plays, I felt slightly overwhelmed by the emotions that I began to feel and how I could relate to the lyrics I was hearing.

The stripped-back reimagining of this song adds so much more depth to the song. Despite only being released recently, I've listened to this song a lot and every time I've heard it, I've had bittersweet memories of the friends I have lost to suicide over the years.

The best musicians are not those who give you something amazing to listen to but those who make you feel something deep in your very core. Listening to 'Loose Threads (Reimagined)' obviously makes me wish I could go back and do more to help, but it also provides a strange sense of closure.

When discussing the song, vocalist Tyler Tate revealed the following:

"‘Loose Threads’ was the manifestation of a plea/cry towards my best friend succumbing to his mental illness, and almost ending his life. The song was written to express the wave of emotions I felt while reading what could’ve been his last texts, and trying to do everything in my power to get him to hold our bond strong enough to reconsider his decision.
We thought that creating this rendition would open up the ability for people to connect with our music on a deeper, more intimate level, and experience Hollow Front in a more vulnerable setting, artistically."

From hearing the song and reading the words stated by Tyler when discussing the song, I can wholeheartedly state that Hollow Front hit the nail on the head perfectly. I am their newest fan, and I will now be one for life. Thank you, Hollow Front.

If you are struggling with your mental health and need someone to talk to, please contact Samaritans on 116 123.

You can listen to 'Loose Threads (Reimagined)' below.

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