It's time for some 'Pillow Talk' with Chapel

The awesome-as-always Atlanta alt-pop All-stars Chapel are back with their adorable and addictive new single 'Pillow Talk'.

It's strangely fitting that as I awoke from slumber, my head still resting on my pillows and began to scroll through Instagram, that the first post that stood out to me was the 'Pillow Talk' release announcement. It was at that point I jumped out of bed tossing pillows, blankets, and an embarrassing amount of scatter cushions about the place in pure excitement, knowing I HAD to play the song in that very moment.

Unfortunately, I've only been listening to Chapel since the release of 'Mushy Gushy' last year, a song that I proudly added to our 2020 playlist. However, since my introduction to the dynamic duo, I am continuously impressed by every Chapel song that I have heard.

'Pillow Talk' is another song that showcases Carter and Kortney's delightful and unique personalities. Their bewitching combination of majestic lyrics and trademark electronic sound features throughout, making 'Pillow Talk' a guaranteed fan favourite.

Chapel drummer Kortney Grinwis recently revealed the thought process behind the song:

"After a few weeks deep into quarantine, we found ourselves overthinking everything more than we have before. Feeling locked in with our thoughts, we wrote this song in hopes it would relieve some of that tension within ourselves."

From listening to the song, one can agree that they managed to hit the nail on the head perfectly, achieving their objective with ease.

If I could choose a group to become a household name during 2021, one of them would have to be Chapel. I implore you to listen to them. If you haven't heard them already, you are seriously missing out! Apologies to Zayn as Chapel's 'Pillow Talk' is, without a doubt, much better than his. Better up your game, Malik!

'Pillow Talk' is available everywhere via Rise Records. Check the video for 'Pillow Talk' out below!

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