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EarBuds.Blog aims to develop a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for music and writing. Since its creation, the initial responses and interactions from professionals within the industry have been incredible.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a brutal influence on how we conduct our lives and the main methods we use to communicate with each other. Luckily for current generations, the internet and social media exist. Though for many, this is not enough.

If you're finding the current lockdown a bit hard to bear and are looking for a distraction, then perhaps EarBuds.Blog can provide some assistance!

If you're the type of person to share a song weeks before your friends even hear of the artist, get in touch! If you love music, regardless of artist or genre, get in touch! If you have a history of copywriting or attending gigs, get in touch!

We're interested to hear from you and would like to extend to you an invitation to join the EarBuds.Blog team. We are always looking for additional writers, and you might become the newest member of the team!

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