Join the Musosoup family!

Join the Musosoup network using the unique EarBuds.Blog referral link and you can be seen by hundreds of curators across the world with ease!

Last year the EarBuds.Blog team was lucky enough to be invited to join the Musosoup family. A fantastic concept that allows artists and bands to advertise themselves to hundreds of review sites, blogs, and music enthusiasts.

Unlike many other submission platforms, Musosoup only requires a one-off payment to appear on their listings for 45 days, rather than a pay per submission basis. This allows you to save money while providing the opportunity to showcase a wider variety of your musical talents, you lucky devils!

Through our affiliation with Musosoup, we can provide you with a unique direct link that will allow you to save money through the use of a discount code. In doing so you'll also help the EarBuds.Blog team as a small fee will be taken from this payment and sent back to us.

Once listed on the site you'll be able to choose which offers to accept, with coverage ranging from free articles to paid submissions depending on the coverage type you select and the site you choose to work with!

If you're an artist or band reading this article thinking that this sounds right up your street then start your magical Musosoup adventure using our unique referral link below!

Welcome to the family! :)

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