Jossy Dee: "I’m unveiling the title of my project, that’s EarBuds love!"

Following on from the review of his latest release 'Wahala', we were blessed with an opportunity to interview the one and only Jossy Dee. This was an interview we wanted to conduct since hearing his music as we knew he would bring something different to the table. It's safe to say that Jossy exceeded all expectations!

For those who haven't heard your music, what would you say sets you apart from other artists in the genre?

"My music style is super diverse, personally I listen to almost every kind of music. Growing up in Nigeria, the birth place of Afrobeats, you can understand I’ve been influenced by this a lot. I definitely have a special love for rap music and my aim is to bring the best of both worlds to my listeners."

You've moved around a lot in your life, experiencing different cultures while building your own identity. Do you think your music reflects this?

"Definitely, I try to soak up as much of the culture as I can wherever I’ve found myself. Thank God I’ve been to a couple of different countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom & France. I’ve also been to so many different African countries as well, they have their own spins on Nigerian music. Being exposed has made me an open minded artist who tries to please the average listener."

What made you first pick up the mic? When was the first moment you started rapping, and where were you?

"At an early age I thought I was gonna be the next Michael Jackson, I quickly realized it wasn’t my calling. A few years later I was obsessed with 50 Cent’s 'Get Rich Or Die Trying' album, what an elite masterpiece it was. That was probably when I first started rapping. I can never forget the first time I rapped in front of a crowd, it was back in 2009 with the T.I. song ‘Live Your Life’ how fitting it was. The joy I felt seeing everybody at the school talent show dropping their jaws at how I could keep up with TIP was amazing. It was at the moment I decided to make their jaws drop again, but this time with my music!"

Who are your biggest influences? Both in the music scene and outside of it?

"My influences are the artists I just name dropped earlier, MJ, 50 Cent. Then this Nigerian rapper M.I. came on to the scene and made me know it was possible to also be a rapper in a country full of Afro pop stars. Outside of music I have the utmost respect for Seth Mcfarlane, the creator of Family Guy. He has given me a blueprint. Lastly I’d like to credit my late Mother, Hassana Dawha, for teaching me to never give up and chase my dreams always."

If you could collaborate with any musician in the world, living or dead, who do you think would provide the perfect collaboration on a Jossy Dee track?

"The perfect collaboration on a Jossy Dee track hands down will be Burna Boy, he and I will make some serious fire in the studio."

You're a very creative individual and have previously created animations and artwork to go alongside your music. Did animation and design follow the music, or did the music follow animation and design? If you had to choose between the two, which would win? Animation or music?

"Animation and design definitely followed the music, but it’s grown on me. I’d like to think of it as my mistress I’ve been cheating on music with for a few years, but the wife will always win because I’m married to this game. So Music will have the victory in a fight unfortunately!"

A lot of artists have found the struggles of lockdowns hard to manage. Have you found it difficult to create music in the past year?

"I’ve actually found the lockdown refreshing music wise. It can get boring at home and stressful not being able to do what you’d normally do and my heart goes out to all those having difficulties in this moment. But personally staying at home with my studio equipment has revived a beast inside me."

What advice would you give to anyone struggling to remain creative during these difficult times?

"My advice to anyone having a creative block is not to think about it too much. Watch Netflix get some pop corn, play some sports. At some point in that movie or game you might just get the idea for your next project. And absolutely do not forget to write stuff down, your brain plays games sometimes."

What does the future have in store for you? Do you have any plans set in stone for this year?

"On the back of dropping ‘Wahala’ I’ll be looking for my next single from my projects catalog. I want to create animations to follow each song like episodes of a series and by June I’d like to be done with my E.P titled ‘Project Mbappe’. This is the first time I’m unveiling the title of my project, that’s EarBuds love!"

Finally, if you were to be abducted by aliens and had to choose one of your tracks to play for your alien captors, which song would it be and why?

"That’s a tough one. I think I’d play 'Wahala' for them, not because it’s the latest release but for the fact it has a message about not wanting any trouble from both of us. Hopefully they don’t abduct me after!!!"

There you have it! An EarBuds.Blog exclusive straight from the horse's mouth! Be sure to look out for 'Project Mbappe' later this year! Until then you can check out 'Wahala' below!

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