Just Friends release 'JF CREW VOL.1' EP

Hailing from Dublin in California is a beautiful group called Just Friends. Having done my research on where they are from, I understand that Dublin is a happy-go-lucky place to live. With that said, you can hear the happy vibrations throughout their back catalogue, and their latest EP 'JF CREW VOL. 1' is no different.

There are many flavours to their sound, the vast collection of instruments, from guitar through to the brass section. The first track is a delightful acoustic arrangement of a previous single called 'I Wanna Love You'. A song that speaks about a love affair that is fresh, full of innocence and naivety, with lyrics such as:

"We Can Travel All Over, We Can Take Our Time, Travel All Over, Baby Just You and I"

This is echoed by vocalist Brianda Goyos León recently stating "The first time I sang 'I Wanna Love You' I didn’t have a clue about love."

Pulling at heartstrings is an upbeat guitar riff that continues through most of the song, matching that of its more electrically powered predecessor, deliciously accompanied by horn blasts of the brass ensemble. I like the nostalgia this track creates, taking me back to when I fell in love for the first time.

'Dosed', the next track, is a cover of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers classic of the same name. The Just Friends version holds its own, with a rather eerie opening to a bittersweet song that would not be out of place on a Twilight movie soundtrack.

The fact that while listening to it, I pictured Jacob's face as he watched Belle Swan and Edward Cullen fall in love as the heartbreak he feels is depicted well within this song, with such lyrics as:

"All I ever wanted was your life"...
"Show love with no remorse"...
"Take it away I never had it anyway"...

The climactic track is a remix of a previously released track called 'Fever'. As with the previous tracks, it is a rather emotional offering.

Picture a person that you're really into that makes you go crazy…. That's what the track is all about! Just pure emotion and feels!

"I've been goin' crazy baby
I've been burnin' wanna show ya I've been goin' crazy baby
I've been burnin' supernova"

The remix edition welcomes the lending hands of the larger than life hip hop hard hitter Nate Curry. A feature that ties in well with the group's ethos of the eclectic, as his hip hop merges well with their dynamic.

This isn't something I would normally listen to, but I am glad I did. As I listened, I felt light and stress-free, as I envisioned myself on the beach with a light beer and lime in hand… I know, wishful thinking, right?

'JF CREW VOL.1' is now available everywhere via Pure Noise Records. Be sure to listen to the cover of 'Dosed' below!

EarBuds Track of the Record: 'Dosed'

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