'Just One Sec', it's The Antlers

New York natives, The Antlers return with their latest single 'Just One Sec'.

A truly beautiful creation, 'Just One Sec' sees the dazzling duo return from their seven-year hiatus in tremendous form.

One of a handful of singles released from their upcoming 'Green to Gold' album set for release on March 26th via ANTI-Records, 'Just One Sec' is one of those wonderfully calming songs that grabs the listener by the ear with powerful authority refusing to let go. But why would you want it to?

Peter Silberman and Michael Lerner have created an absolute masterpiece that should not go unnoticed as it is guaranteed to provide comfort and calm to many people in dealing with the dramas of daily life waging wars inside their heads.

The song is performed in such a natural way that the emotion behind the lyrics can truly be felt and heard regardless of volume. The following lyrics really stood out to me as well thought out and perfectly fitting for the song and concept behind it:

"Free me from your limiting ideas of me, Free me from the version you prefer I’d be, And you grew tall and I fell short, I’m dropping junctures and clear the course, Forgive the debt that I’ve accrued, For just one sec, free me from you."

Discussing the song recently, lead singer and songwriter Peter Silberman stated:

"This song’s about the difficulty of escaping your reputation with someone you’ve closely known for a long time. The sentiment of 'Just One Sec' is an experiment with temporarily dropping the story between the two of you, offering and receiving momentary forgiveness, and experiencing that freedom. The idea was born out of a meditation retreat we attended a couple years ago, and the instructions of one meditation that I found particularly powerful.”

This explains the vibe of the song perfectly, a powerful meditation in musical form. Simply wonderful.

Be sure to check out The Antlers' latest single below!

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