Keeper releases debut single 'Homegrown'

An artist guaranteed to remain on repeat on many a playlist, the appropriately named Keeper is one you'll want to hold on to! His debut single 'Homegrown' will have you hooked. Instantly.

As a writer, I believe the reviews I release convey the thoughts in my head pretty well in most cases. In this instance, though I find it easy to write about the song in question, I'm unsure whether my words can accurately describe how much I love 'Homegrown'. That's how good this debut single is!

Holding on to its underground rawness, this diamond in the rough still possesses all of the hallmarks of an instant chart-topper. I honestly feel like I'm witnessing music history in the making, and this type of find is why I'm in the music review business.

Naturally talented and lyrically gifted, the self-proclaimed "UK scene kid, doing a bad Neck Deep impression, over 808's and out of tune guitars" is a breath of fresh air in an industry that can often be a little stale.

'Homegrown' would easily feel at home on mainstream radio, but it has all the elements needed to be a cult classic, and let's be honest, the best songs tend to be.

Everything about this project seems so natural as if this were the musical personification of Keeper. It's rare after how many years of human existence that a song can be heard and not feel like it's "Like something else". However, despite this taking inspiration from older musicians as all songs do subconsciously, this sounds wonderfully unique.

Since hearing this song, I have played it on repeat for hours without actually realising how long I've had it on repeat. The infectious chorus has been stuck in my head for days, and as far as I'm concerned, it can stay there for the remainder of the year.

"Too stoned
Running in the dark
Cus the monsters fear me
Break my fucking back
Just to see more clearly
I could tell a thousand lies
Do it over again this time
I'd promise that I'd change
If you take it to your grave"

Even the video is unique. Hilariously taking inspiration from the poorly dubbed martial-arts films of days gone by, the video for 'Homegrown' is also one of my favourites! Can we also appreciate the reaction of the two bystanders watching their antics in disapproval, for me, that's a personal highlight.

When discussing the video, Keeper recently revealed the concept behind it, a concept I have a lot of time for:

“In the video we wanted to create a skit around the whole, leaving work early on a Friday thing, to go and play golf with the boss. But at the same time, we wanted to ridicule ourselves because let's face it, we're all idiots.”

This is without question, without a doubt in my mind, one of my all-time favourite songs already! A bold statement I know! If this was the last song I ever heard, I would die a happy man.

Keeper's debut EP 'Guess I’m Keeper' is set for release on March 19th.

Listen to the incredible new single 'Homegrown' below!

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