Palma Louca want anything but a 'Stationary Life'

Anything but stationary, Palma Louca have been on a roll with their latest singles and the Newcastle lads show no signs of slowing with their new release 'Stationary Life'.

An unusual yet complementary combination of fast-paced synths and dreamy guitars peacefully welcome the vocals of Palma Louca vocalist Joe Norton.

The elegant vocals of Norton partner the purposeful lack of structure beautifully like a branch on a trickling stream or a leaf floating on the wind.

The indie rock and shoegaze lovechild created by Palma Louca follows the footsteps of its predecessors but takes a completely new path to get there.

Singer and guitarist Joe Norton recently revealed the concept behind the song:

“'Stationary Life' was inspired as a general comment on the way our society is constructed; the title of the song alludes to a lack of meaning in many peoples’ day-to-day lives that stems from the way modern society operates.
This theme is reflected through the songwriting, as the narrative isn’t overly focused - instead being more relaxed and loose - structurally speaking. In this way, the first verse addresses the listener directly whilst the second verse highlights some examples of superficial ideals.”

Despite the song focussing on the lack of purpose in many people's lives, Palma Louca have proven their purpose in life is to make wonderful music!

Deep, meaningful, and brilliantly constructed, 'Stationary Life' should be on everyone's playlist. It's already on ours!

You can listen to 'Stationary Life' by clicking play below!

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