Raging Clue invite you to 'Drop This Feeling'

Pop punk rockers Raging Clue drop more than just a song with their latest release 'Drop This Feeling'.

The terrific trio show they are in fine form, effortlessly thrusting listeners into the heart of their pulsating pop punk prowess. 'Drop This Feeling' is an energetic eargasm that is sure to be enjoyed by every 'Wildchild' and grown 'Wildchild' that hears it.

As someone that has grown up adoring the punk rock and pop punk genres, I cannot get enough of this song. I am most certainly in my element listening to this, as are the Raging Clue lads with their mind-blowing delivery.

The catchy chorus is compellingly addictive and would not be out of place on songs performed by the punk predecessors they idolise.

"Everything that I believed in,
Is a lie and always has been.
Now I know the truth it’s easy,
To move on and drop this feeling."

I challenge anyone who listens to this song to try and avoid singing along with this chorus. I guarantee that it will prove an impossible feat, and anyone who disagrees is a liar. I'm not even sorry.

Taking inspiration from failed relationships and ex-partners that play on our minds, this is a perfect pop-punk production full of more angst than your typical teenager! This is without question, my favourite release of the year so far. It's going to take a lot to top it.

Do yourself a favour and whack it on repeat by clicking that play button below!

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