Shapeless In Veins really 'Wish You Were Her(e)'

Get your tissues ready, as this is an emotional ride! Italian tearcore band Shapeless In Veins return with 'Wish You Were Her(e)'!

I’ve been following Shapeless In Veins for quite some time, and I didn’t think they could get any better, but I have been proven wrong yet again. For fans of The Amity Affliction and Being As An Ocean, as you can tell, the band has applied their influence within this music!

I couldn’t believe how unreal it sounds. Even from the first listen, I was blown away, so much so that I had to keep listening to it on repeat, and every time I fell in love with it more and more. The vocals are so emotional, from heartfelt cleans to heartfelt screams that ooze sadness and pain. If you’re after something catchy that also shows lots of emotion in the subject matter it discusses, then this song is something for you to sink your teeth into.

The lyrics on a personal level, hit me super hard because it feels to me that they’re talking about someone they miss dearly and just can’t stop talking about them. The lyrics that say "I am better off dead." hit me hard because I sometimes get like that when I think about certain situations I have been through in my life. If the band wanted to raise awareness of the sorrow and hurt that can be caused in the real world, then they’ve certainly managed that in this song!

The best part about this song is how the vocals and instruments complement each other so well, with the build-ups in the song adding to the emotion of what they’re singing about.

'Wish You Were Her(e)' is available everywhere now. Give it a listen below!

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