stopnowstartagain drops new video for 'Liplock'

It's time to start again with stopnowstartagain and the fantastic new video for 'Liplock'.

'Liplock' was released last month as a single, receiving a positive reception from those who have heard it. Today, stopnowstartagain dropped the accompanying music video of the same name.

For those who haven't heard 'Liplock', the song reflects on a person's inability to discuss their inner thoughts and how we all quite often bottle up our worries and concerns unable to articulate them in a manner that can benefit ourselves and those around us.

A fantastic concept as discussions of mental health and inner feelings are something that needs to be discussed in order to encourage others to reveal their struggles and find adequate support.

The song itself has all the makings of a quirky cult classic, reminiscent of power-pop releases in the '90s and early 2000s. I get a sort of Motion City Soundtrack kind of vibe at times and for me, that's always a winner!

stopnowstartagain recently discussed 'Liplock' stating the following:

“This song is about how difficult it is to actually talk about things that bother you. So, instead, I wrote a song about it. I sing one song, cause I can't talk. It stays on my tongue, like a liplock.”

When discussing the video concept, stopnowstartagain was brutally honest, revealing the situations in life that have led to the creation of 'Liplock'.

“The video illustrates how I feel about depression. It's admittedly not a very optimistic view, as I consider myself to be a pessimist in a very philosophical sense. As we live our lives, carefree and oblivious to the potential harm we are exposed to on a daily basis, depression is constantly looming, ready to pounce at any moment. Eventually, it finally gets you. This video allowed for me to playfully express my attitude towards my experiences for the past few years in relation to my mental health.”
“The past year of my life has been the most tumultuous I've experienced. I lost my grandmother who saved my life as a young kid, I lost my faith and a lot of my most meaningful relationships came to an end. During this time, Strings Attached, a full length record by pop punk's best kept secret, The Composure was on repeat constantly. There's a song that record called 'Stop Now, Start Again.' That song in particular helped me realize what point I was at in life. A point where I really needed to renew and redefine. To stop, and start again.”

In many cases, a lot of songs, the greatest and most honest of songs come from the rawness of past experiences. stopnowstartagain has clearly found his own form of therapy allowing him to rise like a phoenix from the ashes with the help of his recent release. Check it out below!

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