The Pretty Reckless unite with Tom Morello on 'And So It Went'

Taylor and the boys from The Pretty Reckless return to kick-start 2021 in style with their latest single 'And So It Went'!

The song follows 'Broomsticks', '25', and the title track taken from the upcoming album 'Death By Rock And Roll' as the fourth single to be released from the album set for release on February 12th. This track comes with a surprise guest appearance too, with Tom Morello picking up his anti-political axe once more!

You'd be forgiven, as I hope I would be, in being surprised at this inclusion with the obvious generation gap and with their genres being opposite ends of the spectrum. You wouldn't put these two hard hitters together any more than you would put together the Grinch and Cindy Lou! (Sorry Taylor, not sorry!)

But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense, as Tom Morello spent decades with his award-winning band Rage Against the Machine being anti-establishment powerhouses, which is why he goes so well with this particular track from The Pretty Reckless.

'And So It Went' adds to the very long list of hard rock masterpieces with a theme that is very much antagonistic. With lyrics such as "The World does not Belong to You" it is easier to understand Morello's involvement.

It continues the same topic throughout the track with poignant lyrics such as those below.

"And the fists began to throw
And the fire starts to blaze
Don't you think they know
That I'm fuckin' human race?"

The lyrics are almost demanding and stating that we are here and we will fight against any inequitable compliance.

If you enjoy the track as much as I did, you can check it out below and begin to anticipate the up and coming album 'Death by Rock and Roll'.

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