The pure unadulterated love a man has for his wife: 'Molecules' by The Spill Canvas

Written for Spill Canvas singer Nick Thomas’ wife Sarah, 'Molecules' is the second single released in anticipation of their eighth album, ‘Conduit’.

In contrast to ‘Firestorm’, the bands first drop ahead of the release of 'Conduit', 'Molecules' is an acoustic track, and has all of the vibes of tracks like 'Lullaby', from their 2007 album ‘No Really, I’m Fine’.

It’s a song with a theme that many can relate to and feel. Written for Sarah, Nick’s wife of five years, it’s about love. Simply, love.

Aptly released a week ahead of Valentine’s Day, 'Molecules' proves that music can speak directly to your heart and say all the words you can’t think of. It’s that moment where lyrics you hear suddenly make sense, songs like 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls have the same ability, and it’s that magic that keeps those songs close to us. They say everything we wish we could, or wish we had the nerve to. It is literally one of those songs where you send the track to someone to say what you can’t.

With lines like “I was so stuck until you came, reminded me I even had a name” and “I never believed in the magical, until you came along and lit up the world”, lead vocalist Nick Thomas bares his soul about the effect his wife Sarah has had on him.

Personal interpretation is what music is all about, no song means the same thing to everyone. However, one thing it can do collectively to its audience is to bring people together in mass appreciation of music that touches their very soul. This song does that.

It speaks about not believing in love until that one person makes you realise it was just hiding in the shadows, waiting for that one heart to walk into your life. It describes how the world is dull and opaque, but then suddenly bursts into life and colour by the power of love alone. That feeling you get when you meet the one and realise nothing will ever be the same again. That all the negativity and dark spots have been flooded with positivity and light.

Because at the end of the day, that’s all any of us want. To find the one person that helps life make sense. For those of us that have that, the transparency and honesty of 'Molecules' gives us the validation that what we feel is the epitome of life itself. For those that don’t, it can be a ray of hope that somewhere, someone is feeling these things for them, that the person they feel them for might just be feeling the same, or even just that what they’ve been feeling now makes perfect sense. That’s a pretty wonderful thing.

'Conduit', the eighth album by The Spill Canvas, is out on March 5th via Pure Noise Records.

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