Thieves of Liberty: "I knew I had finally found the final piece of the puzzle!"

Coming straight out of Sunderland, ready to take over the World, Thieves of Liberty are here to reveal their drunkest performances and their plans for the future.

For those who may not have heard of Thieves of Liberty, how did you come to be, who met who first and how did things fall in to place?

Kieran: "I met everyone individually at various stages of my time in college and university. I had known Connor and Sim for a while before I met Lidya, but we could never find a singer we felt was strong enough to get a band off the ground. Then when I saw Lidya singing ‘I Like It Heavy’ by Halestorm in her class performance, I knew I had finally found the final piece of the puzzle."

If you had to choose one Thieves of Liberty song to introduce someone to the band, which song would it be and why?

ToL: "We would probably give them ‘A.W.O.L’ as that definitely seems to be the fan favourite overall. It depends on what style of music they generally prefer though really, there’s a decent range of styles in our catalogue at the moment. ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ has Blues/Funk elements to it, ‘Are You Ready?’ is really in-your-face Rock, ‘Mr. Illusions’ is kinda heavy but also quite anthemic with its sing-along parts."

What's the vision for Thieves of Liberty? Where do you see yourselves in the next few years?

ToL: "We just want to keep moving forward. To keep writing music that we love playing and hopefully people will feel something from it. Our main goal is to have our second EP out as soon as possible, but we've had to adjust plans given the current situation. But we're aiming to release new content and continue gigging as soon as possible, hopefully with a larger span of the country, and possibly venture into different parts of Europe."

If you could have one musician, living or dead, join Thieves of Liberty, who would it be and why?

ToL: "Myles Kennedy would be an incredible musician to have in the band. His vocal range is incredible, his guitar playing skills are immense and he's just a top guy. He would fit our style perfectly, and it would be an amazing experience to play with someone as talented as he is."

It's been a couple of years since you were crowned Fireball's Hottest Band, congratulations! What sort of boost has that incredible recognition given to the band?

ToL: "Thank you! It’s given us a great relationship with Fireball UK and Academy Music Group and some great contacts within their network which can hopefully help us to get some great gigs and festival slots. It also gave us a great insight into what life is like on tour so we have a bit of experience already and can use that to ensure everything runs smoothly for any future tours."

Sticking with the alcohol theme, what's the drunkest you've ever performed successfully?

Lidya: "I played a gig on my birthday once and I think it’s forgivable under the circumstances and apart from the occasional stumble it went pretty well from what I remember of it."

...and unsuccessfully??

Also Lidya: "I can’t remember the venue but I remember not playing a single correct chord for the entire set and slurring into the microphone at the audience and almost falling flat on my arse. Lesson learned."

How are each of you spending your time in lockdown?

Lidya: "I’m using this time to catch up on books and TV shows I’ve been meaning to finish and noodling away on guitar waiting to discover the best riff ever." Kieran: "I’ve mainly been sitting at my desk making plans for us to conquer the world as soon as all of this is over, and tracking a few demos ahead of the recording of 'ToL 2', whenever that may be." Sim: "I’m spending most of my time watching Netflix and playing Xbox, and writing a few new ideas for the band on occasion too." Connor: "I'm spending most of my time working from home. I feel very fortunate that there is still work for me in such a difficult time for everyone. But when I'm not working I'm writing music and tapping anything that makes a sound. I imagine the neighbours will be ready to grab their pitchforks and come get me soon."

Any positive messages or words of wisdom for the people at home right now?

ToL: "Follow the advice being given to you and hang in there! This won’t last forever and we believe that the world will be a better place with a lot more positivity and human interaction when this is all over. For now, make the most of what you have as best you can and keep in touch with the ones you love."

Many thanks to Thieves of Liberty for taking the time to talk to EarBuds.Blog. If you'd like to listen to the highly recommended 'A.W.O.L', check out the video below. I'd also like to recommend 'Medicine Wizard', a personal favourite!

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