Thousand Below release 'Gone To Me'

'Gone To Me' is a song with real emotion and power behind the message!

Thousand Below are a band with a strong message to get through to you, and they succeed every single time with each song they release. 'Gone To Me' gets better with each listen and is a song that makes me feel really emotional, which I feel is what will captivate audiences the most when listening to this song.

This song hits me really hard as I feel the message in it fits perfectly with past relationships. It somehow feels like they’ve basically written this song about me, and it shows because I can connect to it on a personal level.

Some of the words make me realise that this song could have been about me, but with that said, I would totally be okay with this as often the sign of a fantastic song is the ability to cause the listener to relate to the lyrics and apply them to their own experiences.

The words "Let me break my bones just to feel the tone." is definitely a lyric applicable to some past experiences in my life. The vocals in this song alone portray so much emotion in them that I can’t do anything other than sit here and listen in awe of the magnificent range that is on show.

Everything about this song is perfectly executed from the vocals to the guitars and the subtle drum playing for the build-ups. Give it a spin below!

'Gone To Me' is available via Rise Records.

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