Void Of Vision team up with Jacob Charlton for 'Year Of The Rat'

Void Of Vision have rereleased 'Year Of The Rat', this time featuring Jacob Charlton from Thornhill.

You think the original was good? Just wait till you hear the new version featuring Jacob Charlton. What can I say about this song apart from WOW!

One of my favourite vocalists appearing alongside one of my favourite bands pretty much guaranteed my interest in this song. The original of this song was amazing, but holy crap they have stepped it up and brought a new depth to the song with the feature from Jacob.

'Year Of The Rat' has everything you could ever want from a new Void Of Vision song but the addition of Jacob’s vocals in the most subtle parts of the song really build the atmosphere up even more than what I considered humanly possible.

From the sheer groove and tone of the guitars that complement the vocals and drums perfectly, to the manner in which the song grips the listener, this has to be one of the best songs in their catalogue.

This song isn’t only one of the best Void Of Vision songs I've heard but it now holds a very special place in my heart. This song holds a special meaning to me as it shows what 2020 was truly about and for me, showing that the weak can be rooted out and taken away from the position of power that they abuse and never truly deserve. It’s great that bands can put that into words.

'Year Of The Rat' is available everywhere via UNFD. You can check it out below!

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