We're 'Dying To Know' what Justin Courtney Pierre's new EP sounds like

The King Of Motion City, Justin Courtney Pierre continues to impress after decades of music creation, releasing the incredible new single 'Dying To Know'.

Ageing like the finest of wines, Justin Courtney Pierre, has a style of songwriting that does not go out of fashion. One of the voices of my teenage years, JCP continues to grow better and better with every passing year.

I can clearly remember, as a younger man, being informed on public transport that the flamboyant and powerful sound of Motion City Soundtracks' 'Her Words Destroyed My Planet' blasting out of my earphones could be heard on both floors of the bus I was sat on. I'd had it on repeat for over half an hour... I'm still not ashamed of this, and, for the record, the dance in the school hall featured in that particular video is still, without question, iconic.

From learning dance routines to trying to style my hair in a fashion similar to his, Justin has been one of a handful of people that have made me truly love and appreciate music. The fact he's releasing new music after the absolute shitstorm of a year we all endured last year makes me feel some sort of optimism for the future.

Lyrically and in delivery, 'Dying To Know' is a stereotypical JCP track. I could sit and compare his back catalogue but I don't think I need to. Every release he has been a part of has Justin's fingerprints all over them, smudges thousands of bands would kill to have on their CDs.

'Dying To Know' is a wonderfully quirky song. Elegant and hard-hitting at the same time, the song sets a strong precedent for the upcoming EP 'An Anthropologist On Mars', set for release on March 12th via Epitaph Records.

The only fault I have with this song is that this is not enough to feed my cravings! The upcoming EP needs to hurry up, the suspense is killing me!

Discussing the EP, Justin has been incredibly open about how he came to create these songs, publicly stating the following:

"I’ve heard people say that time heals all wounds. I don’t necessarily believe that. I believe that time unearths more accurate truths. It is then up to you to figure out what to do with what you discover.
A strange thing happens when a person experiences trauma at a young age. Your body and your mind find a way to protect you from it. It helps for a while until it doesn’t. Add to that an overactive imagination and a shitload of drugs, and suddenly reality isn’t so obvious. I feel like I somehow used Debbie Reynolds as a substitute for my own mother (her name is Debbie as well) and as I mentioned before, my mother and father always reminded me of Han Solo and Princess Leia.
Over time, the lines get so blurred, you can’t even trust your own memories.
This is essentially what these songs are about. That confused area where, once the fog is lifted and the excavation begins, you start to see the buried bits of this and that residing beneath the false veneer you weren’t even aware of in the first place, yet robotically kept up for over forty years because you never thought to question its validity. For me, that was uncoupling the story of Debbie Reynolds from my own.
Or perhaps it was Deborah Winger.”

Incredibly deep and thought-provoking, 'An Anthropologist On Mars' appears to be more than just an EP, it seems like a journey deep into Justin's life and memories, with his heart and soul as our accompanying tour guides.

Check out the fantastic sort of lyric video for 'Dying To Know' below!

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